poems and songs of robert burns小说

poems and songs of robert burns

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简介:   关于poemsandsongsofrobertburns:robertburns(1759-1796)(alsoknownasrabbieburns,scotland'sfavouriteson,theploughmanpoet,thebardofayrshireanscotlandassimplythebard),wasapoetandalyricist.heiswlyregadasthenationalpoetofscotland,
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《poems and songs of robert burns》最新章节列表
fairest maid onvon banks
scription to miss jessy lewars
o wert thou the cauld blast
a health to ane i loear
o lay thy loof e, lass
《poems and songs of robert burns》正文卷
song—hands nell
song—o tibbie, i hae seen the day
song—i dreamd i lay
song the character of a red fa
tragic frant
tarbolton lasses, the
montgries peggy
ploughmans life, the
ronalds of the bennals, the
song—heres to thy health
lass of cessnock banks, the
song—bonie peggy alison
song—mary morison
ter: a dirge
prayer, ur the pressure of violent an
paraphrase of the first psalm
first six verses of the etieth psalm
prayer, the prospect ofath
stanzas, on the s asion
fickle fortune: a frant
rag fortune—frant of song
impromptu—“ill go and be a sodger”
song—“no churchman am i”
a stanza ad a mason lodge
my father was a far
john barleycorn: a ballad
ath and dg words of poor mailie, th
poor mailies elegy
song—the rigs o barley
songposed aut
song—green grow the rashes
song—wha is that at my bower-door
remorse: a frant
epitaph on wm. hood, senr., tarbolton
epitaph on js grieve, laird of boghea
epitaph on my own friend and my fathers
epitaph on my ever honoured father
ballad on the rican war
reply to an announcnt by j. rane o
epistle to john rane
a poets wee to his love-begotten dau
song—o leave novels
frant—the mauche lady
frant—my girl shes airy
the belles of mauche
epitaph on a noisy polemic
epitaph on a henpecked country squire
epigram on the said asion
on tam the chapman
epitaph on john rane
es on the authorsath
man was m to mourn: a dirge
the twa herds; or, the holy tulyie
epistle to davie, a brother poet
holy willies prayer
epitaph on holy willie
ath and doctor hornbook
epistle to j. lapraik, an old scottish b
second epistle to j. lapraik
epistle to william simson
night as i did war
tho cruel fate should bid part
song—ran, ro ro
elegy on theath of robert ruisseaux
epistle to john goldie, kilmarnock
the holy fair
third epistle to j. lapraik
epistle to the rev. john mmath
second epistle to davie
song—young peggy blooms
song—farewell to ballochmyle
frant—her flog locks
to a , on turg her up her nes
epitaph on john dove,nkeeper
epitaph for js smith
adam armours prayer
the jolly beggars: a cantata
song—for a that
songrry hae i been teet a heckle
the cotters saturday night
address to theil
scotch dk
the auld fars new-year- saluta
the twa dogs
the authors earnest cry and prayer
the oration
epistle to js smith
the vision
suppressed stanzas of “the vision”
address to the unco guid, or the rigidly
to john kennedy, dumfries he
to mr. madam, of craigen-gillan
to a le, on seg on a ladys bon
scribed on a work of hannah mores
song,posed spg
to a mount daisy,
to r
the lnt
sponcy: an
to ga hamilton, esq., mauche,
versified reply to anvitation
song—will ye go to thedies, my mary?
song—my highland lassie, o
epistle to a young friend
address of beelzebub
a dream
versified note to dr. mackenzie, mauchli
the farewell to the brethren of st. j
on a scotch bard, to the westdie
song—farewell to eliza
a bards epitaph
epitaph on “wee johnie”
the lass o ballochmyle
es to an old sweetheart
motto prefixed to the authors first publ
es to mr. john kennedy
es written on a banknote
stanzas on naetg
the farewell
thomsons edward and eleanora
the calf
natures law—a poem
song—willie chars
reply to a trimg epistle received fro
the brigs of ayr
frant of song
epigram on rough roads
prayer—o thou dread power
farewell song to the banks of ayr
address to the toothache
esg with lord daer
masonic song
tam samsons elegy
the epitaph
per contra
epistle to major logan
frant on sensibility
a ter night
song—yon wild mossy mounts
address to eburgh
address to a haggis
to miss logan, with beatties poems, for
mr. william llie—a sketch
song—bonie due
extempore the court of session
scription for the heads of fers
epistle to mrs. scott
versested to be written below a no
the bonie moor-hen
song—my lord a-hung
epigram at rosn
epigram addressed to an artist
the book-worms
on elpss translation of martials
song—a bottle and friend
epitaph for william nicol, of the high s
epitaph for mr. william michie
address to wm. tytler, esq., of woodh
epigram to miss slie church
burlesque lnt for the absence of will
note to mr. renton of lrton
elegy on “stella”
the bard atverary
epigram to miss jean scott
on theath of john mleod, esq,
elegy on theath of sir js hunter b
impromptu on carron iron works
to miss ferrier
written by sbody on the dow
the poets reply to the threat of a censo
the libellers self-reproof
verses written with a pencil
song—the birks of aberfeldy
the humble petition of bruar water
es on the fall of fyers near loch-nes
epigram on parg with a d host t
strathallans lnt
castle gordon
song—lady onlie, st lucky
thenielnzies bonie mary
the bonie lass of albany
on scag s water-fowl loch-turit
blythe was she
a rose-bud by my early walk
epitaph for mr. w. cruikshank
song—the banks of thevon
brag angry ters storms
song—my peggys charms
the young highland rover
birthday for 31stcember, 1787
on theath of robert dundas, esq., of
sylvar to clada
love the guise of friendship
go on, sweet bird, and sooth my care
clada, mistress of my soul
im oer young to marry yet
to the weavers ye go
mphersons farewell
stay my char
song—my hoggie
rag ds around her blog
up the early
hey, the ty miller
duncan davison
the lad they cajum john
talk of him thats far awa
to daunton
the ter it is past
the bonie lad thats far awa
verses to clada
the chevaliers lnt
epistle to hugh parker
of a the airts the d can blaw
song—i hae a wife o my
es written friars-carse hermitage
to alex. cungham, esq., writer
song.—anna, thy charms
the fete champetre
epistle to robert graham, esq., of tr
song.—the day returns
song.—o, were i on parnas hill
a mothers lnt
the fall of the leaf
i reign jeanies bosom
auld lang syne
my bonie mary
the parg kiss
written friars-carse hermitage
the poets progress
elegy on the year 1788
the henpecked band
versicles on sign-posts
ro shure hairst
, sacred to themory of mrs. oswald
pega at wanlockhead
ho redivi—a frant
song—shes fair and fe
impromptu es to capt rill
es to john mmurdo, esq. of drumlanrig
rhyg reply to a note from capt rid
caledonia—a ballad
to miss cruickshank
beware o bonie ann
on theparted regency bill
epistle to js tennant of glenconner
a new psalm for the chapel of kilmarnock
sketch verse
the woud hare
lia, an
the gardner wi his paidle
on a bank of flowers
young jockie was the blythest lad
the banks of nith
jamie,e try
i love my love secret
sweet tibbie dunbar
the capts lady
john arson, my jo
my love, shes but a lassie yet
song—tam glen
carle, an the ge
the laddiesar sel
whistle oer the lave ot
my eppie adair
on the late capt groses peregation
epigram on francis grose the antiquary
the kirk of scotlands alarm
presentation stanzas to corresponts
so on receig a favour
extemporane efion
song—willie brewd a peck o maut
ca the yowes to the knowes
i gaed a waefu gate yestreen
highland harry back ag
the battle of sherramuir
the braes o killiecrankie
awa whigs, awa
a wrife nie
the captive ribband
my hearts the highlands
the whistle—a ballad
to mary heaven
epistle to dr. blacklock
the five cars
election ballad for westerha
prologue spoken at the theatre of dumfri
sketch—new years day, 1790
scots prologue for mr. sutherland
es to a gentleman,
elegy on willie nicols mare
the gon locks of anna
song—i mur hate
gwife, count the la
election ballad
elegy on capt matthew herson
the epitaph
verses on capt grose
tam o shanter
on the birth of a posthum child
elegy on the late miss bu of monbodd
lnt of mary, queen of scots, on the a
therell never be peace till jamiees
song—out over the forth
the banks o doon—first version
the banks o doon—second version
the banks o doon—third version
lnt for js, earl of glencairn
es sent to sir john whiteford, bart
craigieburn wood
epigram on miss davies
the charms of lovely davies
what can a young lassie do wi an auld ma
the posie
on glenrills fox breag his ch
poem on pastoral poetry
verses on thestruction of the woods n
the gallant weaver
epigram at brownhilln
lovely polly stewart
frant,—damon and sylvia
johnie lad, cock up your beaver
my eppie macnab
altho he has left
my tochers the jewel
o for ane an twenty, tam
thou fair eliza
my bonie bell
sweet afton
address to the sh of thomson
nithsdales wee h
frae the friends and land i love
such a parcel of rogues a nation
ye jacobites by n
i hae been at crook
o kenmures on and awa, willie
epistle to john maxwell, esq., of terrau
second epistle to robert graham, esq., o
the song ofath
poem on sensibility
the toater
die service the kirk of lagton
the kee-glass
a grace before ner, extempore
a grace after ner, extempore
o may, thy morn
ae fond kiss, and then we sever
behold the hour, the boat, arrive
thou gloomycember
my native land sae far awa
i do confess thou art sae fair
es on ferson, the poet
the weary pund o tow
when she cam ben she bobbed
scroggam, myarie
my collier laddie
sic a wife as willie had
lady mary ann
kellyburn braes
the slaves lnt
o can ye labour lea?
the ds dang oer my daddie
theils awa wi the exciseman
the country lass
bessy and her s wheel
love for love
saw ye bonie lesley
frant of song
illet thee on the lea rig
my wifes a s wee tg
highland mary
auld rob morris
the rights of woman
epigram on seg miss fontenelle a f
extempore on smorations of thom
duncan gray
heres a health to them thats awa
a tippg ballad
poortith cauld and restless love
on politics
braw lads o galla water
so written on the authors birthday,
wag willie—first version
wag willie—revised version
lord gregory
open the door to, oh
lovely young jessie
g o the mill
g o the mill—another version
the soldiers return
versicles, a.d. 1793
the true loyal natives
onmissary goldies brs
esscribed a ladys pocket almana
thanksgig for a national victory
es on thmoration of rodneys vi
the raptures of folly
kirk and state excisn
extempore reply to anvitation
grace afterat
grace before and afterat
impromptu on general dumourierssertio
the last t i c oer the moor
logan braes
blythe hae i been on yon hill
o were my love yon lilac fair
bonie jean—a ballad
es on john mmurdo, esq
epitaph on a lap-dog
epigrams agst the earl of galloway
epigram on the laird of laggan
song—phillis the fair
song—had i a cave
song—by allan stream
whistle, and ille to you, my lad
phillis the queen o the fair
c, let take thee to my breast
dty davie
robert bruces march to bannockburn
behold the hour, the boat arrive
down the burn, davie
thou hast left ever, jamie
where are the joys i havet?
ld sw, the pleasure
te am i, my faithful fair
on mrs. rills birthday
my spe nancy
plntary epigram on maria rill
remorseful apology
wilt thou be myarie?
a fiddler the north
the strel at cln
a vision
a red, red rose
young jamie, pr of a the pl
the flowery banks of cree
the epitaph
ned to mrs. walter rills carriage
epitaph for mr. walter rill
epistle from eso to maria
epitaph on a noted cob
on capt. lascelles
on wm. graham, esq., of mossknowe
on john hby, esq., wald downs
so on theath of robert rill
the lovely lass overness
charlie, hes my darg
bannocks o bearal
the highland balou
the highland widows lnt
it was a for our rightfu g
for general wasgtons birthday
scription to miss graham of try
on the seas and far away
ca the yowes to the knowes—second versi
she says she loes best of a
to dr. maxwell
to the beautiful miss eliza j—n
on chloris
on seg mrs. kemble yarico
epigram on a country laird,
on bg shewn a beautiful country seat
on heag it asserted falsehood
on a suic
on a sweag cob
on annkeeper nicknd “the marquis”
on andrew turner
pretty peg
esteem for chloris
saw ye myar, my philly
how lang and dreary is the night
constancy love
the lovers salute to his mistres
the ter of life
behold, my love, how green the groves
the charg month of may
lassie wi the t-white locks
dialogue song—philly and willy
contented wi little and cantie wi mair
farewell thou stream
canst thou leave t, my katie
my nanies awa
the tear-drop
for the sake o sbody
a mans a man for a that
craigieburn wood
the solemn league and covenant
es sent with a present of a dozen of
scription on a goblet
apology forcg anvitation to d
epitaph for mr. gabriel richardson
epigram on mr. js gracie
bonie peg-a-ramsay
scription at friars carse hermitage
there was a bonie lass
wee willie gray
o aye my wife she dang
g ale keeps the heart aboon
o steer her up an haud her gaun
the lass o lefechan
o let thes ae night
her answer
ill aye ca by yon town
o wat ye whas yon town
ballads on mr. herons election, 1795
scription for an altar opence
the car ot, the s ot
the cooper o cuddy
the lass that m the bed to
had i the wyte? she b
does haughty gaulvasion threat?
address to the woodlark
song.—on chloris bg ill
how cruel are the parents
mark yor pomp of costly fashion
twas na her bonie blue ee
their groves osweet myrtle
forlorn, my love, nofort near
frant,—why, why tell the lover
the braw wooer
this is no my lassie
o bonie was yon rosy brier
songscribed to alexar cungham
o thats the lassie o my heart
frant.—leezie dsay
frant.—the wrens nest
news, lassies, news
crowdie ever mair
mallysek, mallys sweet
jockeys taen the parg kiss
verses to collector mitchell
thean of faculty
epistle to col peyster
a lass wi a tocher
heron election ballad, no. iv
plntary versicles to jessie lewars
o lay thy loof e, lass
a health to ane i loear
o wert thou the cauld blast
scription to miss jessy lewars
fairest maid onvon banks